Keeping Tenants Longer - Multifamily Cleaning Solutions

Multi-unit buildings and commercial complexes are your product, but the people that occupy these properties often are living most of their waking lives spent in your properties’ walls. As can be expected, tenant happiness determines the likelihood of renewed leases and the continuation of their relationship with you.

There is a multitude of variables that can keep your tenants’ expectations met. However, the one variable that seems to trip up most property owners is finding a professional cleaning service worthy of their tenants.


Tenant Retention is More Than a Space


Tenants of commercial buildings or complexes are businesspeople at heart. They come from diverse backgrounds and all approach their business differently. But if there is one thing core to all businesses, it is professionalism.

Everybody loves a clean environment to live in, let alone work. As a property manager, apart from just managing the commercial building and collecting rent, you owe it to your tenants to provide them with a clean habitable environment.

So how does a professional commercial cleaning service help tenant retention at your commercial or multi-unit properties?


Timely and Effectiveness

Consistency is the key to victory when it comes to cleanliness. One of the benefits accrued from commercial cleaning services is the convenience that comes with regularity.

You can be sure your agreed terms will be met – if you pair dependable cleaners with tenant satisfaction ratings, you have the tools and data to keep your residents for longer.

A professional cleaner will help you create a program that works for your tenants’ needs and schedules to ensure expectations are kept and met. Nothing disappoints like a cleaner who keeps postponing their job.


Interruptions Kept to a Minimum


No tenant wants their commercial building or multi-unit residence to be rowdy – we all have something we are trying to get done in peace. When it comes to a commercial cleaner, they aim to reduce interruptions for whatever your tenants may be doing.

Technology has helped with this ordeal greatly. Apps and desktop platforms have added to the relationship between a property manager and their professional cleaner of choice.

With live tracking of residences and buildings, even you as an owner can reduce the amount of time spent in your tenants’ hair. After all, you will have all your updates in the palm of your hand, reducing the need to walk your properties.


A Holistic Clean

We can all use a vacuum cleaner and dust keyboards, but few people, other than commercial cleaners, will go out of their way to thoroughly scrub tiles, wash walls, and deep clean furniture. It’s a lot of work.

Commercial cleaners are kings when it comes to offering these many services. With a single phone call, you can achieve the professionalism your tenants expect. The benefits are numerous.


Choose a Cleaner You Can Trust


iRestify has been part of the multi-resident and commercial cleaning industry for several years. It is our experience and our respect that has led us to our success.

Utilizing the advantages of technology, our cleaning services come with a variety of tools to keep us at our word. From multiple unit turnovers, remote inspections, and a guarantee for your tenant’s satisfaction, you can be assured that our technologically enabled staff will be the service of choice.

Get a demo today of iRestify’s future-forward cleaning services and see how we can improve your tenant retention for the long term.