3 Ways to Increase Tenant Satisfaction for Property Managers

The pandemic has undoubtedly changed the lives of everyone as we’re now regularly accustomed to social distancing guidelines, wearing PPE, and following the news regularly as things shift and change periodically. The “new normal,” as some call it, has its pros and cons, but for property management operations, the new normal delivers a unique opportunity for property managers.

As we shift towards a digitized environment which includes remote work, online platforms, and cloud-based infrastructure, gone are the days of “pen & pad” or lengthy, inefficient manual processes that waste time, increase costs and create a gap between property managers and the tenants that reside in multifamily and commercial communities. As previously mentioned, property managers now have new ways to increase tenant satisfaction, and here are three of the most significant ways to keep your tenants happy! 

  1. Use Data to Build a Transparent Relationship 

Property managers now have a unique ability to build relationships with tenants centered around data, allowing them to no longer make assumptions about the building but instead be presented with facts and evidence. Let’s use cleaning and maintenance services as an example.

Property managers can use platforms such as iRestify to extract customized data such as a list of historic service records. They can also pull specific data about interactive checklists, time tracking, and building coverage. This data not only helps property management companies make informed decisions about the communities they manage, but it also delivers peace of mind to tenants.

Tenants now no longer have to wonder, “when was the last time this common room was cleaned” or “how long does it take to clean the condo gym each night.” Using platforms such as iRestify, tenants can now be presented with data from the platform that answers their questions and helps build a transparent relationship between them and the property management company. 

  1. Be Proactive Instead of Reactive 

Property management companies now have the unique ability to be proactive as opposed to reactive. Here’s an example of a property management company looking out for what’s best for their tenants: Property Management Company Makes Health and Safety the Top Priority for its Communities.

Greenrock Communities also exemplifies how a property management company can increase tenant satisfaction through their heroic efforts during the pandemic. Here at iRestify, we’ve seen an increase in services such as fogging, deep cleaning, or an overall increase in cleaning and sanitization services for some of North America's top property management companies. This is yet another example of many companies putting the health and safety of their communities first. Being proactive to increase tenant satisfaction instead of reactive will go a long way with tenants! 

  1. Ensure Quality is Always Reached and Never Compromised 

Tenants are the first ones to notice when the quality standards of a building decrease, and this usually equates to flooding of complaints and paperwork for property managers, board members, and other key stakeholders. Quality is often a big issue, and it creates a bridge between the tenant and property manager as this often leads to lengthy promises or a “we’ll be sure to make a note of it for the future” responses.

At iRestify, we understand that quality is a big part of property management operations which is why we’ve built features such as instant communication, before and after media uploads, and a quality assurance team that ensures that the quality is consistently met. It’s important for property management companies to partner with contractors that already implement quality management.

This takes the risk off the property manager and puts the responsibility on the contractors, who mitigate this risk by implementing quality control. This method will ensure that quality is consistently met, never compromised, and again delivers tenants what matters to them the most: peace of mind!

Suppose you’re a property manager or facility manager in a multifamily or commercial space. In that case, you can significantly benefit from our platform, which we’re sure will increase tenant satisfaction due to our emphasis on transparency and quality. Our enterprise-level solution was built with you in mind, and we’d love to show you how efficient we can make your cleaning and maintenance services in any multifamily community. To find out more, please Book a Demo today and let us show you how we can solve these challenges and make your operations run efficiently