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Charlotte Gummesson

My experience and passion lie in implementing new technologies into businesses to automate processes, provide increased efficiencies, increased productivity, and ultimately increased profit. As  CEO and co-founder at iRestify, my goal is to modernize the antiquated property maintenance industry by providing property management companies with the technology and services to improve their operations. I believe effective and continual business transformation is key to staying ahead of the competition.

What is ConTech and how is it transforming real estate construction?

What is ConTech?

ConTech, or ‘Construction Technology’ in its broadest sense, refers to adopting technology solutions in the construction sector. Technology has been employed in various ways; many ConTech solutions aim to increase efficiencies and reduce construction costs, from the planning and designing stages to the construction and, ultimately, the management of the finished building.

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Blockchain and Commercial Real Estate

Most people will have heard of the concept of blockchain and may have a basic understanding of what it entails. Until recently, the term ‘blockchain’ was synonymous with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. Most people will associate blockchain with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.  

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How PropTech is transforming Real Estate

Over the past decade, technology in real estate, most commonly referred to as PropTech,  has revolutionized how we buy, sell, lease, manage, and maintain properties. And like other technological breakthroughs, it is constantly innovating and reinventing itself.

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