Property Managers: You Can Stop Worrying About Back To School


When you hear the words “back to school” you’re often faced with different emotions depending on who you are. If you’re a parent, you probably meet this phrase with rejoice, smiles, and an endless sea of happiness. If you’re a student, you probably meet this phrase with moaning, anguish and an endless forest of agony.

But no one ever thinks about the property managers. When property managers hear “Back to School” their stress levels immediately rise. 

Meet Bernard, a property manager in Toronto whose company is responsible for 700 student units all across Southern Ontario, including institutions such as McMaster, Ryerson, York, UofT, and Ontario Tech. Bernard came to iRestify in 2018 asking if we can assist with some of the demand for these units. He needed 36 units cleaned all on the same day and was trying to source different cleaning companies to handle the demand. “I’m looking for 5-6 cleaning companies that can handle these units as they all need to be done on the same day at the same time”

Bernard wasn’t yet aware that iRestify was his simple solution to a problem that had annoyed him for all 17 years he was in the industry. We can handle all that demand, and more. 

We told Bernard to stop looking for multiple cleaning companies, we can handle this. We provided him with eight iRestify teams and completed 252 hours of service that day. Since then, Bernard’s property management company has used iRestify for all their properties and they’ve stopped worrying about the back to school headache. 

Are you a property manager stressing out because you’re responsible for unit turnovers and common space cleaning before frosh week? Have no fear, iRestify can handle the demand and you can manage all properties under one account. 

We’re the problem solvers and we’re here to bring property managers into the digitized, online world. It makes for a simpler, smoother operation, don’t you think so Bernard?