3 Easily Forgotten Reminders for Property Managers


Property managers looking to make their day-to-day operations more efficient will be shocked at these three often overlooked areas in building cleanliness.

These areas, often unintentionally disregarded, can significantly impact your tenant satisfaction if not done correctly. 


1. Chairs and Upholstery



While lobbies and other common areas have chairs and upholstery, cleaning crews often overlook them.

In a healthy work environment, the chairs need to be wiped down in the kitchen area, and in other common areas, fabric attracts debris and germs. Even if you don’t see it, it is probably there.

Over time, the residue often contains allergens and can even make a lobby stale smelling. Curtains and other window treatments need to be cleaned down, too.


2. Light Switches


Everyone uses light switches so habitually that we give no thought to them. They are usually in corners or near doors, in work environments, and it’s easy to forget that they exist.

Even if many people do not touch them, they are a source of germs. These need to be disinfected to have a clean workplace.

Visually, they will upgrade the look of the space because smudges are overlooked but do register psychologically if many areas seem unkempt.


3. Behind Appliances


While washrooms are a source of struggle to keep clean in buildings, the shared kitchen or break room areas are exceptionally filthy as well.

You’d think that where food is, there’s cleanliness, but that is not the case; in fact, that is why there’s a problem.

First, property managers might assume it is cleaner than it is, and secondly, food particles rot and grow bacteria, and many hands in the breakroom are not exactly clean. 

A wiped-down kitchen might look clean, but it is often swimming with germs. Some areas to be mindful of; the microwave handle, the faucet handles, and the faucet itself, being appliances, tables, and chairs, and any breakroom “buttons”.

These three reminders will help you have a cleaner, safe, and healthier building.

Contact iRestify today to find out how we can modernize your properties’ traditional cleaning and maintenance operation with an innovative PropTech driven solution to ensure that these 3 areas are never overlooked.